Sunspots in Shorewood

October 6, 2013
Sunspots in Shorewood; Plein Air - Oil on Canvas Panel 11" x 14"

Sunspots in Shorewood; Plein Air – Oil on Canvas Panel 11″ x 14″

Friday morning. Rain threatening. After attending a breakfast in Atwater Park, I was ready to get painting, but I decided to stop by the artists headquarters to see if there were any businesses or homes which had yet to be painted. The volunteers, mentioned a conversation from the night before and there was a homeowner who expressed interest in having a portrait of his home. I did not have a strong desire to do another house portrait, but figured that I would check out the place.

The sky was dark and it was raining as I surveyed the home. It took about twenty minutes of moving around in the rain, looking for possibilities before an idea hit me. I determined that if the sunlight were to come out, it might illuminate the home in dramatic fashion.

It was raining as I started painting the scene. Although the rain abated, it remained very dark. About an hour into the painting, the sun made an attempt to peek through the clouds, but only enough to give me guidance on the tree foliage, then it was dark again. By the time I was ready to finish, I was on my own to imagine the effects of the sun on this scene. I was happy with the results and entered this work into the competition.

A bit disappointed at the Saturday night gala and sale. The owners of the home seemed to love the painting, but felt that the price was a bit out of their price range. The man indicated that they really wanted to own own the painting, but wanted to do some hard negotiating, then quickly threw out a comment about his budget concerns. I attempted to offer him a few ideas to help fit this painting into his budget and help him realize value in the work, but it was clear to me that unless he would be able to boast about chiseling me down, he would not buy. Interesting. He even knew that the sponsoring association would receive a commission for any works sold that evening. He offered the idea that if we met in the parking lot following the evenings activities, he could purchase the work at my wholesale (read – discounted) price and not have to give the association their commission. Not fair to me and not fair to the association and not fair to the town. Lesson learned. I should have approached the homeowner first before painting.

After viewing the work back at my home studio, I decided to make a few, minor adjustments to help the house “pop” a little more. I also decide to alter the name from the owners address to a more generic title. I let the association know about the changes as they are attempting to sell the remaining works from the competition. I also intend to utilize this painting to help promote my work at some upcoming shows.

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