December 5, 2013
Mercado's; Oil on Canvas Panel 8" x 10"

Mercado’s; Oil on Canvas Panel 8″ x 10″

At the recent Rockford ArtScene, I had a display of plein air work. The display caught the attention of a visitor. The woman inquired about the work and asked if I would be interested in working at her home. I am familiar with the neighborhood and assumed that there would be great possibilities. Being that it was already October,  I better move quick before the cold set in and the foliage was gone.

I called ahead and arrived in the morning. After getting past the greeting committee, two large dogs, I moved around the property with the owner to check out possible designs. The owner mentioned a view of her home of which she was particularly fond. Due to the amount of trees and bushes, much of the view was hacked and difficult. Not sure that I could make the design read properly. I made a couple thumbnail sketches and confirmed my intuition. This view would not work.

During the tour, this scene caught my eye. I did a couple sketches and liked the possibilities. The toughest part would be the sun. From shadows across the house to shining directly on my palette and canvas, the sun would create a challenge.

The owner liked the painting and asked to purchase it to add to her collection. Okay. Better yet, I got to see where the painting would be placed among her other art works, and she had a lot of original art work.  Happy to have the sale and really flattered to have my work included in a great collection of art in Rockford.

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