Fish Creek Cottage

December 29, 2013
Fish Creek Cottage; Oil on Canvas 14" x 11"

Fish Creek Cottage; Oil on Canvas 14″ x 11″

I used sketches, a reference photo and a watercolor painting as a basis to create this work as an example for my oil painting students.

At class, I started by discussing the reference photo. The actual scene had numerous non-essential items such as a boat on a trailer and a grill. We discussed reducing the design to the simplest elements and adding back only those things that will help tell the story.

I had this design sketched onto my canvas and added some alizarin crimson to tone the canvas. I did a rough block-in, which left this painting in a mediocre mid-tone state. That is, although the students could see the painting coming together and could discern all of the elements, it was not polished. Lines were not straight and refined. Spots of the painting were a bit muddy. Extremes of values were non-existent. It was a painting but it was not art. Later, I added the refinements and punches to make the design pop.

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