North Falls at Nicholas

August 6, 2014
North Falls at Nicholas; Oil on Canvas Panel 9" x 12"

North Falls at Nicholas; Oil on Canvas Panel 9″ x 12″

Getting ready for another Plein Air Workshop Sinnissippi Gardens at The Nicholas Conservatory. In advance of the workshop, I decided to create a few paintings at the gardens. I used one morning to walk the grounds with my scene finder and sketch book in search of designs. I returned the next morning to start this painting.

I enjoyed this design and had an added benefit, this spot is off the main path. People had to really work to interrupt my painting or stand in front of me. Working the rocks took longer than I wanted to spend. I lost too many of the early morning shadows and light effect. I had to return for a second day in order to complete this painting.

Interesting. This fountain has a deep pool at the base of the falls. For public safety, a short chain fence surrounds the pond to keep people away from the pond. Amazing how many people allowed their pets and small children to go past the fence and onto the large rocks which serve as a border.  Fortunately, no one fell in, although one older dog needed some assistance getting out.

One other disgusting note, at this spot is a water fountain. It has a taller fountain for adults, a shorter one for small children and one near ground level for dogs, or so I thought. One inconsiderate boob, found it humorous that her Labrador Retriever preferred to drink from the fountain intended for children. That dog licked that spigot thoroughly. Yech.

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