Wheeler Road

September 11, 2014
Wheeler Road; Plein Air Oil on Canvas 11" x 14"

Wheeler Road; Plein Air Oil on Canvas 11″ x 14″

Ventured to paint outside this day. Had a vague idea of the design I wanted, but not certain where I would find it. A right turn here. A left turn there. As I passed through the shaded road and across this intersection, I realized this is it. Turned the car around and got back to this spot.

I took a few minutes to sketch four possible designs. Found the one which was most appealing and started in on the canvas. This is one of those paintings for which one strives. About a half hour into this painting I had “that” feeling. Everything about the painting was progressing just the way I envisioned. I could have stopped right then and had a good painting. Every few minutes I stepped back from the painting and still felt that if for some reason I had to stop, it would not have been a bad thing.

Eventually, I knew that I needed to put my brush down before I overworked the painting. Love the design and hope to come back here and capture the changes to the landscape as we move through the colorful autumn season.

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