Pink Improv

September 27, 2014
Pink Improv; Plein Air Oil on Canvas Panel 9" x 12"

Pink Improv; Plein Air Oil on Canvas Panel 9″ x 12″

My wife and I planned our annual summer retreat to Door County Wisconsin. Our main purpose was to utilize the week to paint. All other “touristy” activities would take a back seat to our art. A couple weeks before vacation, Helen realized that if we traveled up to Door County a couple days earlier than planned, I could participate in the Door County Plein Air Dockside Quick Paint.

The Quick Paint event is the culmination of DC’s annual Plein Air Festival. In short, on Saturday morning, we have the opportunity to paint in and near Clark Park in Fish Creek. Although artists such as me have to pay an entrance fee to participate, we get to join with the festivals 40 artists in attempting to capture scenes in this park area. While the paintings of the festivals artists are auctioned immediately following the Quick Paint, our paintings will be on display during the evenings public reception at The Peninsula School of Art.

We arrived in Door County late Friday evening. The Quick Paint begins at 9:00am. After breakfast, we took a brief walk to determine a suitable subject/design for my painting. Settled on a workable subject and set up my easel and equipment. Realized soon into the painting that I should have set up a little closer to my subject. Throughout the painting, I had to deal with gawkers standing in between me and these flowers, while they were watching other artists at work. I kept my cool and just dealt with it. Not much else that I could do. About thirty minutes into my work I realized that my design was a bit off. I knew the changes that could be made to improve the work. Unfortunately, changes were not an option at this point. Just deal with it. I did decide to make one important alteration. Both flowers were in red clay pots. That just was not going to work. I looked to the other side of the porch and found my inspiration. While I did not move the flowers around, I did utilize the design of the green pot and used that instead of the pot that was on the subject plant. Artists prerogative.

That evening at the reception, I was gratified to see that my painting was one of several which were sold. I was able to meet the patron that purchased this work and quickly realized that this patron had visited  while I was creating this work.

A good painting and a sale, nice way to start a painting vacation.

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