2114 Kensington

October 23, 2014
2114 Kensington; Oil on Canvas Panel 14" x 11"

2114 Kensington; Oil on Canvas Panel 14″ x 11″

Prior to the start of the Shorewood Plein Air event, I reviewed the events website and noted a few addresses that might be interested in purchasing  a portrait of their homes or stores.

Wednesday, after completing my first painting of the flower box and meeting my host family, I toured the town to check out the prospective portrait homes. The first home was so-so followed by a house on Kensington. I looked at it, thought it might have that “something” but I just could not see it. I moved on to check out the other homes.

Thursday morning I checked in at the event headquarters and overheard the women discussing the previous days activities. I heard mention that the owner of the Kensington home was concerned that no one had been by to paint their house. I ventured back there. It was overcast and rain threatened. Try as I might, I could not figure out how to make this a suitable portrait and competition worthy work of art. I did however catch interest in the porch of a nearby home.

The porch painting was okay. Interesting comments from passers-by as well as the owner of the home. Unfortunately, I was within eyesight of the owner at the Kensington home. Thursday evening, I caught an comment that the owner at Kensington was a bit saddened that no one had yet worked on a portrait of her home.

Friday morning. At headquarters, I again noticed the reference to the Kensington home. I had plans to go to a site on the east side of town, but decided to take one last pass by the Kensington home. Glad that I did. Strong, bright sunlight caused the trim work around the doorway to jump out and grab my attention. In working the composition, I decided that to include the whole house would not work. I felt that focusing in on the feature that grabbed me, the doorway, was the way to go.

I set up and got right to work. About 30 minutes into the painting, I heard a noise from the house. The owner was on her way over. Seemed excited that someone was finally painting her home. The woman asked if she could see the work in progress to which I consented. Her comments were “oh.”, “oh?” “Oh?”, and “OH!!!”. A whole range of emotions. It was clear to me that while the owner had expected to see a painting which included her entire home, she realized that cropping the scene the way I did, created a very interesting take on her home.

The painting took longer than I had anticipated as the details around the door proved to be more intricate and critical than I had estimated. As I finished, I sent a photo to the headquarters. The response let me know that they were very happy that someone did the Kensington home.

Happy to report that Saturday morning at the preview event, the owner of this home was one of the first people to enter the exhibit, made a beeline for her home portrait and promptly purchased the painting.

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