Path by Pierce Lake

December 1, 2014
Path by Pierce Lake; Plein Air Oil on Canvas Panel 9 x 12

Path by Pierce Lake; Plein Air Oil on Canvas Panel 9 x 12

Late September. The colors are just beginning to change. I ventured to Rock Cut State Park. My intention was to find subject at one of the paths. While driving around the park, I noticed an interesting design at the entrance to this path. I parked my car, grabbed my gear and hiked over to this spot. Before setting up my easel, I made a couple sketches of my intended composition. The design was not singing. I moved around a bit hoping to find the right balance. While making sketch after sketch, I began to notice this scene. Drawback was that the values were too close together.  I decided to challenge this scene. I had to make some changes to what was actually there in order to make this design work.

I was painting alongside the road, yet several people hiked along this path and, somehow, did not know that I was there. At one point, I witnessed a trio of friends hike down this path. About forty minutes later they returned. They were within about ten yards of me before they noticed my set up. They asked how long I had been painting at that spot. They could not believe that they had walked right past without noticing me (that must have been some conversation).

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