Shadows on Anderson House; Beach at Egg Harbor

November 16, 2015
Shadows at Anderson House; Oil on Canvas Panel 8" x 6"

Shadows at Anderson House; Oil on Canvas Panel 8″ x 6″

On vacation in Door County. My wife wanted to sleep in, so I took advantage to go out to Anderson Dock to paint. Came up with  couple good ideas, but decided to do a small, quick painting of some interesting shadows across the Anderson house. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending how you look at it, I encountered several distractions. First, I was interrupted by an artist whose work I admire. He was down by the dock to capture some reference photos for a workshop he would conduct in a few days. Interesting conversation and well worth the time.

A few minutes after returning to my painting, I was interrupted by a couple who were very interested in my work. Again, a very constructive conversation. Again, returned to painting. As I was nearing completion of what was supposed to be a quick warm-up, another interruption. Again, welcomed the conversation.

As I finished this work and decided to move to what was to be my primary painting, I realized it was now late morning. My shadows were gone. Pack up the gear and head to the cottage for lunch.

Beach at Egg Harbor; Oil on Canvas Panel 6" x 8"

Beach at Egg Harbor; Oil on Canvas Panel 6″ x 8″

After lunch, we decided to go to spend an afternoon at the beach. Because we had our dog with us, we were unable to be on the beach. We found a nice spot in the park and enjoyed shade from a tree. I saw this couple enjoying the day from the comfort of some Adirondack chairs and decided to paint them. Hopefully I could lock them in quickly before they moved.

I started and was moving swiftly when it happened. No. The folks stayed. The problem was that another couple arrived to enjoy the beach and decided to set their blanket directly between me and my subject. Had they set up ten feet either direction, I would still have my view. Oh well. I kept painting. About ten minutes later, I rejoiced. The couple in front of me decided to move to a different spot.

Great, now I have a clear view of my subject. Oops, only a couple minutes later, my subjects decided it was a good time to leave their chairs and go to spend a few minutes in the bay. They returned about fifteen minutes later and I was able to complete my painting.



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