About Tom Linden

Though he grew up in suburban Chicago, Tom Linden has always been fascinated by the colors and patterns of the landscapes across the Midwest. Tom frequently roams the rural roads and nature preserves of north central Illinois, always on the prowl for interesting and unusual sights. He loves to find, paint and communicate those images which leave viewers  wondering why they never noticed  the beauty of that scene before.  Whether creating his oil paintings on location, en plein air, or  watercolor paintings in his studio, painting and design are always on Tom’s mind.

His work has been included in numerous local, regional and national exhibitions, earning him numerous awards and signature status with the Northwest Watercolor Society, Watercolor Society of Alabama (Bronze Status), North East Watercolor Society and Watercolor U.S.A. Honor Society. When he is not painting, Tom teaches watercolor classes through Rock Valley College and adult painting workshops. He lives in Rockford, Ill.

Please visit Tom’s website, www.tomlindenart.com, to view images of his watercolor and oil paintings. If you have questions or wish to purchase his original artwork, please contact him at tom@tomlindenart.com.

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  1. Tom you do beatiful work, well done.

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