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Boone Path

June 3, 2017

Boone Path – Oil on Canvas – 11″ x 14″

I had a plein air sketch and a photo from a scene at a Boone County preserve. The plein air painting did nothing. Probably should have been scrapped, but I felt that there was something to be found. Stewed over it for several months.

Artist prerogative took over. I decided that I liked the fore-ground to mid-ground lead in, but it was everything from mid-ground to back that was in need of interest. I decided to impose a farm in the mid-ground and play with the light. After posting the image on Facebook (Tom Linden Fine Art), one of my galleries quickly contacted me. This work is now at a gallery awaiting a new home.


Elburn Barn

January 18, 2017
Elburn Barn - Oil on Canvas -11" x 14"

Elburn Barn – Oil on Canvas -11″ x 14″

Came across a watercolor sketch completed several years ago. The small sketch was in preparation for a commission. The commission was a watercolor. I decided to play with this as an oil. Although this is smaller than the original watercolor, the colors were applied in a much more intense and lively manner.


Polo Barn

December 7, 2016
Polo Barn - Oil on Canvas Panel - 6" x 8"

Polo Barn – Oil on Canvas Panel – 6″ x 8″

Revisited a watercolor that I did several years ago. This old place was located on a quiet road a few miles west of Oregon Illinois. I am sure that it is long gone, but for now, it still lives.

Weather and schedule prohibited going plein air this day. I decided to play with this small size as promotional, or less expensive, offering for galleries. Woodwalk Gallery in Egg Harbor Wisconsin was happy to utilize this idea with works I offered in late summer. I offered Polo Barn as part of a dozen and a half paintings to a gallery in Galena Illinois. Their response left me puzzled. A few weeks ago, I put them in front of Rivers End Gallery in Elm Grove Wisconsin. They were eager to run with the idea. Polo Barn is now framed and on their wall awaiting a new home. Rivers End notified me that they just sold the framed work Little Red (described on my previous post).


Clouds Over Sisson’s

October 9, 2016
Clouds Over Sisson's - Oil on Canvas Panel - 6" x 8"

Clouds Over Sisson’s – Oil on Canvas Panel – 6″ x 8″

Played with the basic design from Grange Hall Road. Utilized the barn and had fun playing with clouds.


Autumn Warmth

October 2, 2016
Autumn Warmth - Oil on Canvas Panel - 6" x 8"

Autumn Warmth – Oil on Canvas Panel – 6″ x 8″

This studio work is inspired by an experience from Door County.

Last autumn, my wife and I planned to travel to Door County to retrieve works from a gallery (an end of the season thing). Our youngest son, decided to get a couple days off of work to travel with us. Quickly followed by our other son and daughter-in-law. So the whole crew, including dog, traveled to Door County.

Spent Saturday morning and early afternoon moving around the county enjoying the scenery and stopping to purchase a few “necessities” (that is, various food items which can only be found here).

By late afternoon we were back at the cabin. We were invited to attend a hog roast that evening and the gang was enjoying a little nap-time. I was too antsy to waste daylight. I quietly slipped out with camera in hand to take a walk along some neighboring back roads.

Came across the sight of late afternoon sunlight draping across a winding entrance to a homestead. Couldn’t see much of the house, but I loved the raw design possibilities and snapped a photo.

Recently came across the idea of incorporating a barn into the scene. I like the way it works.


Caledonia Barn

August 29, 2016
Caledonia Barn - Oil on Canvas - 16 x 20

Caledonia Barn – Oil on Canvas – 16 x 20

Came across some watercolor sketches created a few years ago. Decided to do a small, 8″ x 10″, oil painting of the sketch. Liked it enough that I decided to take it to a 16″ x 20″ format.


Sister Bay Barn

December 13, 2014
Sister Bay Barn; Oil on Canvas 11" x 14"

Sister Bay Barn; Oil on Canvas 11″ x 14″

Students in my Oil/Acrylic class requested that I supply a landscape idea for them to paint at our next session. I searched through paintings that were sitting in my studio but did not find any which I felt could be completed by the students within a class period. I flipped through my reserve of photos and found something that could work. I liked the design of the barn but I had to get clever. The photograph included a lot more landscape than the students needed, it was a very colorful autumn scene and the day was somewhat overcast. Enter creativity and artists prerogative. I simplified the scene to utilize only the barn, reduced the foliage to be a summer/early autumn time frame and added more dramatic shadow effects by bright sunshine. It worked well. The students were able to adequately work the scene within a single class period. 12 / 13 / 14