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Autumn Drive

February 21, 2012

Autumn Drive, Oil on Canvas 18" x 24"

Similar theme. Different format. Still fun. In the midst of creating this work, I came up with another idea for this scene. Stay tuned.

Activity is very busy. Time management will be worked hard over the next few weeks/months. I have works that will be shipped or hand delivered to four (4) exhibition/competitions. I am awaiting results on four (4) additional competitions. I need to ensure that I have more than enough good works to forward to Woodwalk Gallery in Door County Wisconsin for gallery representation during the upcoming summer season. I have been reminded of several other, very good competitions that will require additional paintings. My spring classes just started at Rock Valley College. In a couple weeks, I will be doing painting demonstrations for Dillman’s Creative Arts (one in watercolor and one in oils). Then there is my running – a ten mile race in April, a mini-marathon in May and maybe a few 10k and 5k races too.

Gotta go.


Welcome 2012

January 6, 2012

Autumn's Palette, Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"

Hard to believe that 2012 is here already. The holiday season is past and a new year has begun.

First, thank you to all that have read and followed my musings during 2011. A few days ago, I received a summary about the activity at this blog. A San Francisco cable car holds 60 passengers. This blog was viewed 2,400 times in 2011. It would take about forty trips to move that many people. 105 new posts were added during 2011 bringing the total archive to 203 posts. 221 pictures were added, that’s about 4 pictures per week. The blog’s busiest day was April 13, when 45 people visited the post Art Competitions – 2011. Other popular posts included, Anderson Japanese Gardens (June), Rockford Spring ArtScene (April) and Illinois Watercolor Society Demonstration (October). Many of my visitors came through my website (, my e-mail, facebook, and wordpress.

Into the first week of the new year and already I feel as though I am behind. The submission deadlines for several competitions are quickly approaching. Although I seem to have a sufficient number of works, I want to ensure that I have enough really good works for all of the contests I wish to enter. I have more ideas for paintings in both oils and watercolor than I can create (I suppose that is a good thing). Okay, that last one may also fall under a time management thing. When, or if it snows, I want to get out on location to get some small paintings and photo references for more, large design. Enrollment is already underway for my spring classes at Rock Valley College (nice to report that a fair number of students have already registered – thanks for the confidence).  The RVC classes begin in less than six weeks. I am hosting an oil painting workshop next weekend and am scheduled for a four day watercolor workshop at the beginning of June. A watercolor demonstration in early March.  I need to ensure that I have a variety of good works, in various sizes, to forward to Woodwalk Gallery this spring. Oh yeah, Rockford Spring ArtScene in four months. Yikes. I have got to get to work…Now!

Here’s working towards a happy, healthy, productive and profitable 2012. Happy New Year.