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Spring Coming

May 23, 2017

Spring Coming – Oil on Canvas – 24″ x 18″

Wanted to play with another creek in winter scene. This worked caused some angst. I had not fully thought out my design and approach to execution. The berm on the right side was tough. The actual scene had thick brush and saplings on the right berm. I felt that it would be too cluttered and restrictive to follow the photo. Made a few sketches and thought that I had the design solved, but that was not to my liking. Re-thought it and started again. Oops, that one was not going to work either. Thank goodness, the third attempt sort of painted itself, which is to say, it worked to my satisfaction.


Cool Waters

May 19, 2017

Cool Waters – Oil on Canvas – 18″ x 24″

Created early this year. A little to cold to go out on location. Worked from one of my reference photos. After first creating a study at 11″ x 14″, I decided to go to this larger version.


Field Creek

January 14, 2014
Field Creek; Oil on Canvas 11" x 14"

Field Creek; Oil on Canvas 11″ x 14″

Traveling through Boone County this past fall, I came upon this scene. I pulled to the side of the road, walked back to the bridge, made a few quick sketches and off I went. As I continued with my travels, I kept thinking about this image and this design.

Following lunch, I pulled out a canvas, toned it and worked this painting. Finished in time to clean up, eat dinner and hurry off to teach watercolor class that evening. A very full day.


Rieblodt Creek

May 28, 2013
Rieboldt Creek Study; Oil on Canvas 8" x 10"

Rieboldt Creek Study; Oil on Canvas 8″ x 10″

A small 6″ x 8″ plein air sketch created last summer while in Door County Wisconsin has been taunting me. I played with ideas in my sketchbook then took to working these two paintings.  More ideas up my sleeve for these inspirations.

Happy to report that in the last few weeks, a family purchased the painting Shadowed Box 2 (30″ x 40″) and I received down payments on October Patterns (24″ x 36″) and Autumn Canopy (36″ x 48″).  Let’s hope we can keep the momentum. I still have a fair amount of inventory and I have inspiration and ideas galore.

Getting into the plein air season. Competition entries to prepare. It’s times like these that I am not sure weather to pray for good weather to better enable my plein air forays or for rain to enable me to spend guilt free hours in the studio working larger works. Such dilemma. Until next time..

Lily Pads 513; Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"

Lily Pads 513; Oil on Canvas 16″ x 20″


Frozen Bend

January 30, 2013
Frozen Bend; Oil on Canvas 20" x 16"

Frozen Bend; Oil on Canvas 20″ x 16″

Played with the small study. Rather than horizontal, I felt that it could be a stronger effect by working the design in a vertical format. Had to let this dry a few days before finishing. The violet hues were bleeding through the white. I figured that I was using too many brushstrokes while applying the white highlights. After a couple days, the base was dry enough to apply a final few spots of intense white to finish the painting.


Plein Air – Pines Road

October 5, 2011

Plein Air - September 20 #1, Oil on Canvas Panel 6" x 8"

Plein Air September 20 #2, Oil on Canvas Panel 6" x 8"

Plein air at the scout camp again. This time we all found the site without incident. Another fine day of painting. The painting of the shed was done on a panel toned in Rose Madder, a lively, pinkish red. The rose showing through the greens really pops.


Plein Air Rock Cut

July 12, 2011

Plein Air June 30, 2011 #1, OIl on Canvas Panel 6" x 8"

Plein Air June30, 2011 #2, Oil on Canvas Panel 6" x 8"

This past winter, on a mild, sunny afternoon, I took Clawed for a walk in Rock Cut State Park. Along the way, I found an interesting spot along a creek. At the time, I thought that this might be a good spot to paint in the summer.

A few days ago, I took Clawed with me to paint at Rock Cut. At 7:00am it was already 80 degrees and getting warmer. I wanted to keep it to a short paint session. I decided to find that same spot along the creek. After parking the car, I put my paint box on my shoulder, carried my supply bucket in one hand and with my other hand, I held my tripod and Clawed’s leash. A full load. Problem is that the path and creek looked a lot different with the trees and bushes in full foliage. I missed my spot. By the time I realized that we had walked too far and backtracked, I was soaked with sweat.

After finding the spot, I was disappointed. I had anticipated a better inspiration. Perhaps this spot would be better when illuminated with late day sun. Not wanting to spend a lot of time looking for material, I set up my gear and set to painting anyway. After completing the first work, I packed up and was preparing to drag my gear and Clawed to find another spot in the park for painting. But then inspiration hit. I liked the view of the sun and shadows across the path. Set up everything again and get another painting going.

After I finished the second painting, I packed up and dragged the gear and Clawed back to the car. I headed home to spend the afternoon painting in my studio while Clawed spent most of the day recovering from the mornings experience.


Franklin Flow

July 1, 2011

Franklin Flow, Oil on Canvas 24" x 30"

I used drawings and two studies to play with this design. Even though I had already created this design a couple times, transferring to a larger canvas was still a bit of a challenge.