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Where Woodstock Road Turns

November 19, 2017

Where Woodstock Road Turns – Plein Air – Oil on Canvas – 12″ x 36″

Well this was ambitious. A 12 x 12 painting can be a challenge. A 12 x 24 format can be tricky to complete within a 2+ hour time frame. But 36″ wide?

Took two sessions to capture this scene. The format fits the subject well.


Special Delivery, Lone Ranger, Patti’s Hen House

August 14, 2017

Special Delivery – Oil on Linen Panel – 9″ x 12″

One of the sites lined up for the event was a farm just north of Cedarburg. Spent several minutes moving around and capturing a number of thumbnail sketches of numerous subject and design possibilities. Found a display of three wagons with flowers. The middle of the three wagons held the most interest for me. I did  not move the wagon, but rather, mentally edited the other wagons out. More than once I had to move from my easel in order to understand the angles and shadows. This was one of those works which “painted itself”. Had fun working this. Only regret is not going larger. Thrilled to see that this work sold before the exhibit opened to the public.

The title for this work was suggested by the owner of the farm. I liked it. Figure as long as we were spending so much time painting on their property, the least I could do is allow her to add an important contribution to my painting.

Lone Ranger – Oil on Linen Panel – 12″ x 16″

Started this on a very warm (it was HOT) afternoon. Although I liked the design and wanted to finish this work, the heat was getting to me (although the chickens settled down around my easel was amusing). I decided to stop before I messed up a good start. Looking at the work that evening, I realized that the values were causing a problem. I needed to be more bold and push the values and colors to make it pop. Returned the next afternoon (it was a few degrees cooler). The planned adjustments were just the trick to make this painting work.

Patti’s Hen House – Oil on Linen Panel – 12″ x 16″

Started this in the morning. I only had about two hours to work due to another commitment. Got pretty far, but unable to finish. Looked at the worked later, with fresh eyes and realized that painting the chicken coop as it is, was a recipe for disaster. I figured out an alternative color scheme that could work.

Returned the next morning. I was hoping the chickens would be out and about to help me give some life to the scene. The chickens were still in the coop. I set to completing the work. Much to my pleasure, the folks let the chickens out. I stopped painting for a few minutes and grabbed my sketchbook. I made some quick sketches of the chickens moving around near the house. Back to painting and I noticed the chickens making their way over to my easel. I continued painting while they checked out my shoes, paint bucket and panel carrier for food. Then they nestled down near my feet while I continued to paint. A St. Francis of Assisi moment.


Grange Hall Sky

October 25, 2016
Grange Hall Sky - Plein Air - Oil on Canvas Panel - 8" x 16"

Grange Hall Sky – Plein Air – Oil on Canvas Panel – 8″ x 16″

A small study started early last autumn. Due to time constraints, I was unable to complete the sky. It has been sitting in my studio, haunting me since then. A few weeks ago, I decided to take action. The sky was offering some fun cloud patterns, so I grabbed my gear and the panel and headed out to capture the sky and coplete this painting. Works for me.


Clouds Over Sisson’s

October 9, 2016
Clouds Over Sisson's - Oil on Canvas Panel - 6" x 8"

Clouds Over Sisson’s – Oil on Canvas Panel – 6″ x 8″

Played with the basic design from Grange Hall Road. Utilized the barn and had fun playing with clouds.


After the Rain

July 28, 2016
After the Rain - Oil on Canvas - 11 x 14

After the Rain – Oil on Canvas – 11 x 14

Had been working on a series of paintings incorporating big skies / clouds. Was searching for the subject of my next painting, when I witnessed the after effects of a passing rain storm. Used the sky applied to sketches from a plein air paintings created a couple of years ago. I have played with the design of this farm numerous times, but could never feel comfortable until now. This sky and rain effect make the painting.


Clouds Over Grange Hall

July 23, 2016
Clouds Over Grange Hall 2 - Oil on Canvas - 48" x 36"

Clouds Over Grange Hall 2 – Oil on Canvas – 48″ x 36″

These paintings sprang from a small plein air sketch. When I created the plein air sketch, I restricted myself to a two hour time limit. As you can see, the layout of the buildings and foreground left me no time to add sky.

Clouds Over Grange hall 1 - Oil on Canvas - 16" x 12"

Clouds Over Grange hall 1 – Oil on Canvas – 20″ x 16″

Plein air sketch from September 2015

Along Grange Hall - Pleinn Air Prelim. - O/CP - 8 x 16

Along Grange Hall – Pleinn Air Prelim. – O/CP – 8 x 16



Clouds Along Wheeler

May 12, 2016
Clouds Along Wheeler 2 - Oil on Canvas - 20" x 16"

Clouds Along Wheeler 2 – Oil on Canvas – 20″ x 16″

Playing with clouds. I utilized the landscape from a small plein air sketch from a year ago, altered the format and shifted the focus to the sky.

Clouds Along Wheeler 1 - Oil on Canvas - 10" x 8"

Clouds Along Wheeler 1 – Oil on Canvas – 10″ x 8″