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Farmers Market Find

May 9, 2018

Farmers Market Find -Oil on Canvas Panel – 10″ x 8″

While on vacation in Door County, my wife visited a local farmers market. In addition to some tasty food items, Helen decided to purchase a small bouquet of flowers. We borrowed a Mason jar from the manager of our cottage. I couldn’t resist painting this. Unfortunately, I was not able to finish the set up alla prima. The mostly finished painting sat in my studio for a few months. Recently, after completing a painting, I had a couple hours left in the afternoon. I pulled out the panel and completed this painting.


Beloit – Edge of the Rock – Saturday

June 25, 2013
Saturday in Beloit; Oil on Canvas Panel 9" x 12"

Saturday in Beloit; Oil on Canvas Panel 9″ x 12″

Ventured back up to Beloit early Saturday morning. I wanted to get a painting of the weekly farmers market. The weather report said sunny. It was…at first. About a half hour into the painting, it got cloudy. Not thick clouds, but enough to play with the light and shadows. I have to stop paying heed to these weather forecasters.

While painting a few folks stopped by to ask about my work and about the competition. It would have been nice of the committee to have supplied us artists with some postcards or something to pass along to help attract people to the exhibition and sale, but alas. At one point a fellow approached me and asked what day it was. After surmising that he was serious, I answered that it was Saturday. I expected him to ask what date. Instead he looked relieved and said that he was wondering why there were so many people around. Ah the adventures of plein air painting.

Finished the market painting, ate lunch in the park and moved over to capture a view of the trees and their reflections at the lagoon.

While painting this work I was interrupted several times by people sponsoring the event. They were moving around town trying to see and follow the works of as many artists as possible. Happy with this painting. Probably should have entered this one for the competition. Oops.

Riverside Lagoon; Oil on Canvas Panel 9" x 12"

Riverside Lagoon; Oil on Canvas Panel 9″ x 12″