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Plein Air – Along the Corn at Bloomberg

August 16, 2013
Along the Corn at Bloomberg; Plein Air Oil on Canvas Panel 8" x 10"

Along the Corn at Bloomberg; Plein Air Oil on Canvas Panel 8″ x 10″

A good day with a lot of atmospheric perspective. Very overcast and humid. I headed south of town, I had a location in mind but after arriving, I decided to venture on. I did not find what I was hoping to discover. Took a turn south and found a design that could work, but it just didn’t hold enough interest. I decided to head over to Deer Run, I thought that I would be able to get a good view of a treeline there. Nope. Too many trees blocking the design which I thought would be available. I spent about fifteen minutes or so moving around to check on possibilities. A bit saddened when I realized that an old barn adjacent to the park had been razed recently. Was ready to just set up and do something…anything then decided to go back near Oak Ridge. I remembered seeing something that could work though I was not certain if I would be able to park the car safely.

Got to the spot. Luckily I would be able to park safely. I walked around and found a spot at the edge of a field of corn. Looking across the road, I had a nice vantage point. Quickly set to painting. As much as I enjoyed the conditions and balanced light afforded by the overcast skies, I could not help but think about getting back here on a sunny morning when the shadows could reveal great possibilities.

As I painted, occasionally a car or truck would lumber down the road. The sound of the trucks brought the memory of a scene from the classic movie, North by Northwest, when Cary Grant is out on a lonely country road waiting for a contact to arrive.

I used combinations of Titanium White, Dioxazine Purple and Cadmium Yellow to achieve the earth-tone effects on the grasses.


Plein Air April 18

May 2, 2012

Plein Air April 18 – Blackhawk; Oil on Canvas Panel 9″ x 12″

Ventured out to one of my favorite parks in hope of finding some inspiration. Not a problem. As I was setting up, I took a 360 to see if another view offered better possibilities. It worked.

I turned my gear around and started this work. Murphy’s Law prevailed. About 45 minutes into this work, some guy rolled his big pick up truck into a parking space blocking my view. He got out of his truck. I thought that he was going down to the river. He went past me and moved about two hundred yards to the south to sit at a picnic table and enjoy his beverage. The part that was more upsetting is that there was a parking spot adjacent to the table he was at. Why did he have to park here? What a Knuckle head.

He finally meandered back and eventually left so that I could finish my work without having to go through a lot of additional exercise to capture my view.


Plein Air – Kinnikinnick Creek

August 15, 2011

Plein Air August 4 #1, Oil on Canvas Panel 6" x 8"

Plein Air August 4 #2, Oil on Canvas Panel 6" x 8"

Clawed had an appointment scheduled for the groomers. An all day affair. After leaving him at the shop, I proceeded to a spot northeast of Rockford. This little park was quiet and offered some good subject matter.

As I was working on #2, the county sheriff rolled through on patrol. I feared that he might object to my having parked my vehicle near where I was painting and not in the actual parking lots. He did not.  Later I heard a voice and thought that a couple people were hiking along the bank of the creek. A few moments later, I realized that it was a woman on horseback riding along the trail which crossed the creek a few yards in front of me. From where I was set up, I could not see any indications of the trail or crossing.