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Field Marker

February 13, 2019

Field Marker – Oil on Canvas – 18″ x 24″

Fall of 2017, I found this spot along Grange Hall Road. Harvested field to my left and grazing cows to my right. From time to time, while I painted, the cows would wander over to see what I was up to. I am sure that they thought I had food or treats for them.

The plein air work was a small 9″ x 12″ work. The plein air piece had issues. The sun was somewhat to my back. Being an early October morn, the sun was a bit lower in the sky. These conditions caused me to see the colors and values as less intense than I would like. Upon completing the plein air work, I contemplated wiping off the days mess. But there was “something” about the work that made me wait.

Over the winter, I looked at that painting numerous times. Then it started to come together for me. In real life, the sun was to my left, what if I altered the design and had the sun coming from the right? That would enable more drama with shadows from the trees and fence-line. The distant tree line was just a flat, stagnant line. What if I “invented” a distant hill side to help give motion to the distance? What if I intensified the colors? What if I simplified the tree-line to my right? A few thumbnail sketches and a small value study gave me the confidence to go for it.


Grange Hall Sky

October 25, 2016
Grange Hall Sky - Plein Air - Oil on Canvas Panel - 8" x 16"

Grange Hall Sky – Plein Air – Oil on Canvas Panel – 8″ x 16″

A small study started early last autumn. Due to time constraints, I was unable to complete the sky. It has been sitting in my studio, haunting me since then. A few weeks ago, I decided to take action. The sky was offering some fun cloud patterns, so I grabbed my gear and the panel and headed out to capture the sky and coplete this painting. Works for me.


Sisson’s House

October 20, 2016
Sisson's House - Plein Air - Oil on Canvas Panel - 8" x 10"

Sisson’s House – Plein Air – Oil on Canvas Panel – 8″ x 10″

Additional works from Grange Hall Road. The version on top was created on location. The bottom version was created in the studio as part of a diptych.

Farmhouse - Oil on Canvas Panel - 6" x 8"

Farmhouse – Oil on Canvas Panel – 6″ x 8″


Grange Hall Barns

October 11, 2016
Grange Hall Barns - Oil on Canvas Panel - 6" x 8"

Grange Hall Barns – Oil on Canvas Panel – 6″ x 8″

A few weeks ago, I created a plein air painting along Grange Hall Road. The finished work was 12″ x 24″. The scene included the road, farm house, barn and a few outbuildings. I thought it would be fun to take a portion of the design to focus on just the barn. These make nice little paintings which I use as a economical option for people who like my work but feel that larger works don’t fit their walls, or in some cases, pocket books.


Grange Hall Berm

September 13, 2016
Grange Hall Berm - Plein Air - Oil on Linen Panel - 8" x 10"

Grange Hall Berm – Plein Air – Oil on Linen Panel – 8″ x 10″

I spent time painting a farm scene from the side of the road. The scene included the farm house and several of the barn and outbuildings. Although I was wrapped up in painting, my attention was diverted several times as I noticed the interesting effects of light and shadows on the tree at the far right of my design. Decided that I liked the possibilities enough that I returned a few days later to simplify my design and paint the tree. I plan to revisit this scene as the seasons change, which is coming soon.


July on Grange Hall Road

August 24, 2016
July on Grange Hall Road - Plein Air - Oil on Canvas Panel - 12 x 24

July on Grange Hall Road – Plein Air – Oil on Canvas Panel – 12 x 24

Last autumn, I did a reference painting from this spot. It was small, 8″ x 16″, and concentrated on the buildings and foreground. Sky was left unfinished. Regretted that I did not complete the piece. Did use it as a basis for a few paintings during the winter.

Decided to return and work one to completion. The challenge on this work was all the summer green. Had to work warm tones in to combat the monotony. Already thinking about getting out here again this autumn when the earth tones of the ripened and harvested fields will dominate the design.