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Field View

April 4, 2019

Field View – Oil on Oil Primed Canvas Panel – 8″ x 16″

Still on “doggie hospice” as our dog, Clawed Monet recovers from illness, I am relegated to painting carefully (so as not to stain or damage the flooring) in our house (that is, not in the studio). Trying to paint faster and looser, I came up with this design. I used the barn design as a lesson in our Advanced Watercolor class and played with a wider horizontal format. Put myself in a good mindset and painted this as if I was working en plein air.

When I started the painting, I had decent light from outside. Unfortunately,  it got overcast as I was painting. Forged ahead and had this work thoroughly blocked in within about twenty minutes. I was working adjustments as my light source changed. Stopped at a good time. Came back the next day, under more favorable lighting conditions, and made a few minor adjustments. I worked to keep from overworking this aiming to maintain the fresh feeling of the brushstrokes.

Shortly after completing this work, one of the galleries contacted me. They wanted this work for their gallery display. The work has just been delivered to them. Hopefully, the work does not return to (i.e. I hope that the gallery finds a new owner for this work).


Standing Along Grange Hall

October 16, 2018

Standing Along Grange Hall – Oil on Canvas – 11″ x 14″

Using sketches and plein air studies from last summer, I worked this painting as a demonstration for my workshop students. Although, to begin, I had a loose pastel sketch on the canvas, I applied my oil paint swiftly. I worked to place general colors throughout the entire canvas. Within twenty minutes, I had enough paint in place that the students could see where I was going with this painting.

I allowed the students to start their works. While the students were painting, I moved around the classroom to guide their progress and took occasional breaks to add more strokes of paint to my work. By the end of the afternoon, my painting was basically finished, save for a few tweaks completed at my studio.


Oak Ridge Morn #1

December 18, 2013
Oak Ridge Morn #1; Oil on Canvas 18" x 24"

Oak Ridge Morn #1; Oil on Canvas 18″ x 24″

During a trip through Oak Ridge Forest Preserve, I came across this scene. Made a quick sketch and took a photograph. A few weeks later, I decided to create this work. Worked well. I utilized a loose wash of Transparent Red Oxide in the grassy areas. It made a nice base for the mature vegetation and a complement to the green grasses. I liked the effect enough that the worn, brown areas in the path is the under-painting  showing through.

As I completed this painting, I  decided to take the design larger with a few modifications.


Franklin Grove

September 24, 2013
Franklin Grove; Oil on Canvas 24" x 12"

Franklin Grove; Oil on Canvas 24″ x 12″

While painting a couple weeks ago, I got an idea. I was looking at the grasslands which I was painting and started to think, “what if…”. I fell back on my knowledge in watercolor and thought that it could be interesting to work an oil painting with a watercolor type approach to the paint application.

I searched for a subject and design that could allow me to experiment. I came across a photograph taken a few years ago. I have used this subject with my Level 3 watercolor students. This could work.

After sketching the design onto my canvas, I used a thin, watery application of oil paints into the general forms. As I applied my under-painting into the grassy area, I applied a few drops of my medium (turpentine, stand oil and damar varnish). I allowed the medium to run through and off of the canvas. I liked the effect. While the wet mixture did its thing, I moved on and started applying final applications of body paint to the other portions of the painting. As I began to work body paint into the grasses, I had to restrain myself to keep from applying paint over all of the under-painting. I wanted, no needed to allow the warm under tones to show through.


Plein Air October 6

October 20, 2011

Plein Air October 6 #1, Oil on Canvas Panel 6" x 8"

Plein Air - October 6 #2, Oil on Canvas Panel 6" x 8"

Back out to Rock Cut for painting. I headed to a spot on the west side of Pierce Lake. This area has picnic amenities and is the convergence of several hiking and biking trails. It is a busy area. Fortunately for me, the passers by are busy with their own activities and leave me to paint.

As I was setting up to paint, I heard a voice. It seemed familiar. A man in sunglasses riding a trail bike rolled up to me and smiled. Once he took off his sunglasses, I was able to recognize the man as a friend of ours. This sight was out of context. We spoke for a few minutes and he rolled on and let me get back to painting.

Although I had to move my set up occasionally in order to avoid the sun shining directly on my painting, I must not have moved enough. As I was nearing the completion of my first painting, I realized that I had a couple wooly bugs crawling up my pants leg. They must have thought that I was very similar to the nearby oak tree.

Painting #2 was a little more of a challenge. As I was laying in my design and trying to capture the shadow patterns, a man rolled up and parked his large pick up truck in the middle of my design. You see, the area which I depicted as grasses, is actually park of a parking lot. I stopped for a few moments to evaluate the situation. Do I continue with the painting? Do I stop and wipe out the drawing and pick a different subject? Do I ask this fellow to please move his truck? The fellow got out of his truck and grabbed a small shovel and large bucket from the bed of his truck. He was stopping to gather acorns. I figured that this couldn’t take too long. Could it?  I continued with my painting. He took a little longer to gather his finds than I had anticipated. I had to make more adjustments to my shadows than I needed to, but in the end, it worked out.