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Time for Repairs

October 10, 2014
Time for Repairs; Oil on Gessoed Paper 6" x 8"

Time for Repairs; Oil on Gessoed Paper 6″ x 8″

Working on a large painting this day. Mid-afternoon I was getting a bit fatigued. Decided to halt work on the large painting for fear of making it “stiff” and overworked. I rifled through some photos and found one of Hickey’s Brothers Fishery in Door County. The photo captured the building, traps and boat. I felt that the scene could be a bit more exciting with the addition of the figure. Small painting but worked to my satisfaction.


Peninsula Workshop Day 3

July 28, 2012

Plein Air – Riebolt Outlet; Oil on Canvas Panel 6″ x 8″

For day three of the workshop we met at Riebolt Creek, north of Bailey’s Harbor. Hot weather again. As we arrived, we found our spots, set up our gear and started on our designs. The instructor rounded us up and discussed issues on lighting. Very interesting, but, perhaps a bit long. By the time we broke to paint, it was late morning (shadows lost, flatter colors). I moved fast and finished my first painting.

As the day before, it looked as though I had about a half hour before lunch. I found another spot, set up and tour into the canvas. I was focused and finished this little piece in just under a half hour. As I was completing my second painting, the other students were packing up their gear and leaving. The plan was to move to another location for the afternoon paint session.

I packed up my gear and made my way to the next paint location, ate lunch and set out to find the next design. I set up in one spot and was just starting to paint when I found out that I was disturbing another artists scene. I moved to another spot. This location should offer me shade for the afternoon. I had the design drawn in and was ready to start applying body paint when I was interrupted. Another artist and I were next to a boat which was in for repair. One of the workers notified us that he has getting ready to do some work on the boat which would create a lot of noise and dust. Ugh! Pack everything up and seek out another spot. Found a spot that was out of the way, not disturbing another artists scene and away from the middle of all the fishery activity. One difficulty, a trees branch blocked my view. All things considered, it worked out alright.

Plein Air June 29 – Riebolt Creek; Oil on Canvas Panel 6″ x 8″

Plein Air June 29 – Under Repair; Oil on Canvas Panel 6″ x 8″