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Woodstock Plein Air

August 12, 2015
What's Playing on Main; Oil on Canvas Panel 9" x 12"

What’s Playing on Main; Oil on Canvas Panel 9″ x 12″

These were created during the Woodstock Plein Air Competition. Whats Playing on Main, was painted while set up on the street. Tough to paint as the weather went from sunny to rainy, back to sunshine, then rain and finally sun. Started to rain again as I was putting my gear away after finishing this painting.


Flowers at 301; Oil on Canvas Panel 14" x 11"

Flowers at 301; Oil on Canvas Panel 14″ x 11″

“No Parking ” signs everywhere. Hard to find places to park. Decided to find a safe spot and then find subject matter nearby.

The Backdrop; Oil on Canvas Panel 12" x 9"

The Backdrop; Oil on Canvas Panel 12″ x 9″

Painted The Backdrop during the Quick Paint competition. It was raining so I decided to situate myself under the awning of one of the stores on the square. The shopkeeper was welcoming and opened up the awning to allow me additional protection from the rain. This was different for me. I was happy with the mornings efforts.


Evansville – Blossoms at 217

July 11, 2013
Blossoms at 217; Oil on Canvas Panel

Blossoms at 217 Main; Oil on Canvas Panel 9″ x 12″

It was  “one of those days”.

The Beloit plein air competition had their show and sale over the weekend. The art work was to be picked up on Sunday. I was out of town for my sons wedding. The head of the Beloit committee had instructed me to meet her in Beloit Monday around 9:00am to retrieve my paintings, but call her cell phone first.  I called her around 8:15am. She was startled, and told me that she was on her way out the door for a doctors appointment. I was puzzled. She said that she had forgotten about the doctors appointment when I was given the instructions. I then I had to haggle to make arrangements to get the works later on Monday. I was told 1:30 – 2:00 pm would be the best option.

I was hoping to retrieve my works on the way up to the Evansville plein air competition (about 20 miles away) so that I could spend a full day in Evansville. Okay. Adjust. Get up to Evansville. Get some canvases stamped, work a small painting, get back to Beloit early afternoon.

Not so fast. Arrived in Evansville about 9:45am. The shop that would stamp the canvases (a must for any paintings in this competition) does not open until 10:00am…except Mondays when they are closed. WHAT??? Quick read through the instructions again. It mentions that the shop will be opened every day for the event. I found a phone number and gave a call. No answer. I left a voice mail and pondered my next move. This day was not proceeding according to my plans.

A couple minutes later, my cell phone rang. One of  the event organizers returned my call. He was sorry that the shop was not open as he was on his way up to Madison to take his daughter for a doctors appointment. The man said that he would call his wife and have her come over to open up the shop and stamp my canvases. She should be over in about five minutes.

It’s now about 10:00am. If all goes well, I should be able to get to work, though the ideal lighting is past, and finish a small work before heading back to Beloit. Not so fast. About thirty minutes later, a woman finally arrives in her car, talking on a cell phone (no jokes here), gets out of the car and gives me a hand gesture to let me know that she is on the phone and cannot interrupt her conversation. Interesting non-verbal communications between us as I pointed to my shirt (my name is on it) so that she could retrieve my information packet, got the canvases stamped, and received permission to use the shops bathroom all while not interrupting her conference call.

Off to paint…finally. I decided to find something as quickly as possible. Found the flowers at a house along Main Street to be of interest. Shadows and colors were not working for me but I pressed on. By 1-ish, I decided to stop. Not sure if I should wipe this canvas clean for another attempt tomorrow or come back.

Cleaned up, ate lunch out of the back of my car, made my way back to Beloit, retrieved my paintings, and back home. After unloading the car and getting a tall glass of ice water I reviewed the days work. I decided to work further on the painting on Tuesday morning. Better results ensued. Glad that Monday was past me.