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Oak Ridge Morn #2

December 21, 2013
Oak Ridge Morn #2; Oil on Canvas 36" x 48"

Oak Ridge Morn #2; Oil on Canvas 36″ x 48″

I utilized the initial 18″ x 24″ painting as the basis for this work. I decided to make some changes to the background trees but much of the rest of this work stayed pretty much the same.

This is the first work completed on my new Renaissance easel. No more rock-n-rolling canvases.

By the way, this painting passed the “Gail” test (more on that later).


Oak Ridge Morn #1

December 18, 2013
Oak Ridge Morn #1; Oil on Canvas 18" x 24"

Oak Ridge Morn #1; Oil on Canvas 18″ x 24″

During a trip through Oak Ridge Forest Preserve, I came across this scene. Made a quick sketch and took a photograph. A few weeks later, I decided to create this work. Worked well. I utilized a loose wash of Transparent Red Oxide in the grassy areas. It made a nice base for the mature vegetation and a complement to the green grasses. I liked the effect enough that the worn, brown areas in the path is the under-painting  showing through.

As I completed this painting, I  decided to take the design larger with a few modifications.


Oak Ridge

December 17, 2013
Oak Ridge: Oil on Canvas 12" x 12"

Oak Ridge: Oil on Canvas 12″ x 12″

In mid-summer, I spent a morning at Oak Ridge Forest Preserve. I created a small 8″ x 10″ painting and took a hike on the horse trail in search of  ideas for future forays.

This Oak tree is north of the main parking lot across of field of wild grasses. I utilized the 8″ x 10″ painting to create this design on a 12″ x 12″ canvas. I like the possibilities for expanding this design.


Oak Ridge Bridle Path

October 2, 2013
Oak Ridge Bridle Path; Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"

Oak Ridge Bridle Path; Oil on Canvas 16″ x 20″

Worked this studio painting from a plein air sketch created in June. Already generating ideas for new works using this scene. I want to get back out here as the colors change this autumn to generate lots of ideas for paintings this winter.


Plein Air – Along the Corn at Bloomberg

August 16, 2013
Along the Corn at Bloomberg; Plein Air Oil on Canvas Panel 8" x 10"

Along the Corn at Bloomberg; Plein Air Oil on Canvas Panel 8″ x 10″

A good day with a lot of atmospheric perspective. Very overcast and humid. I headed south of town, I had a location in mind but after arriving, I decided to venture on. I did not find what I was hoping to discover. Took a turn south and found a design that could work, but it just didn’t hold enough interest. I decided to head over to Deer Run, I thought that I would be able to get a good view of a treeline there. Nope. Too many trees blocking the design which I thought would be available. I spent about fifteen minutes or so moving around to check on possibilities. A bit saddened when I realized that an old barn adjacent to the park had been razed recently. Was ready to just set up and do something…anything then decided to go back near Oak Ridge. I remembered seeing something that could work though I was not certain if I would be able to park the car safely.

Got to the spot. Luckily I would be able to park safely. I walked around and found a spot at the edge of a field of corn. Looking across the road, I had a nice vantage point. Quickly set to painting. As much as I enjoyed the conditions and balanced light afforded by the overcast skies, I could not help but think about getting back here on a sunny morning when the shadows could reveal great possibilities.

As I painted, occasionally a car or truck would lumber down the road. The sound of the trucks brought the memory of a scene from the classic movie, North by Northwest, when Cary Grant is out on a lonely country road waiting for a contact to arrive.

I used combinations of Titanium White, Dioxazine Purple and Cadmium Yellow to achieve the earth-tone effects on the grasses.


Plein Air – Oak Ridge – East Trail

August 4, 2013
East Trail; Plein Air Oil on Canvas Panel 8" x 10"

East Trail; Plein Air Oil on Canvas Panel 8″ x 10″

A week earlier, I painted a scene from the parking lot of this forest preserve. After completing the painting, I decided to walk one of the trails to look for new designs. This location is one of them.

Ventured out early in the morning. I arrived at the forest preserve and before leaving my car, I decided to apply some insect repellent. Grabbed my gear and started off down the trail to find today’s painting. Not long into the hike, I had to stop to apply more repellent. Those mosquitoes were active and swarming.

After setting on a spot, I had to apply more repellent. It was hot and I was sweating quite a bit from the hike. I also noticed that my hiking boots need to be replaced. My socks were soaked from the dew on the grass. About fifteen minutes into the painting, I realized that the mosquitoes had settled down and the wet socks actually helped me feel a bit cooler. Wet socks, comfortable now but will be a problem in a few months. I moved swiftly to lock in the shadow patterns and the main color patterns on the painting.

About an hour into the painting, I saw some people in the distance. Equestrians coming and my equipment was set up on the horse trail. Not to worry. Enough open space around me. Shouldn’t be a problem for the riders. And it wasn’t a problem for them. It was however, a problem for me. The two riders and their dog, rode through some tall grass to avoid my set up. This stirred up the mosquitoes again. Another application of repellent and about ten minutes before things returned to a normal state of work.

Finished the painting, packed up and headed back to the car. By now it was hotter and the dew was pretty much gone as were the mosquitoes.