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Hidden Timber Gardens

August 4, 2014
Hidden Timber; Oil on Canvas Panel 8" x 10"

Hidden Timber; Oil on Canvas Panel 8″ x 10″

Painted at a site a few miles east of Oregon Illinois. A nursery called Hidden Timber – and it is. From the main road it appears to be a homestead. A few yards into the property I realized that this place had a lot of perennial plants and trees.

I made my way to a spot among the trees and shade. I nestled in so as to minimize blocking the path. A simple design. As I finished my rough drawing on my canvas, I started right in at my focal point, the plants at the shade. About a half hour into the painting I felt real good about this one.

Everything was moving well. No real problems until I got to the foreground. I had not given enough thought as to how I would handle this spot. Took a few moments to examine my options. Fortunately, I made a good decision.


Hay Farm – She’s Been Gone and Stand

July 22, 2014
Stand at Hay Farm; Oil on Canvas Panel 6" x 8"

Stand at Hay Farm; Oil on Canvas Panel 6″ x 8″

The final day of painting at the final Fields Project. The location involved five neighboring farmsteads. By the time I arrived and toured the sites, it was getting late. I took photos for reference and set up to quickly paint a couple small studies.

Lunch was a bit of a bummer. I don’t look to get my ego stroked. But on the same note, I don’t like to get put down either. The women that were there were discussing numerous issues of local concern. Eventually one of them asked if I had any news to share about my work. I responded that I just received news from Woodwalk Gallery concerning a very nice sale. Before I could relate what I felt was a humorous quip about the sale, another woman quickly jumped my moment to relate how she just sold three of little works through a local restaurant. Killed the conversation. I finished my lunch and departed.

She's Been Gone; Oil on Canvas Panel 6" x 8"

She’s Been Gone; Oil on Canvas Panel 6″ x 8″


Plein Air – Castle Rock

August 11, 2013
Rock River at Castle Rock; Plein Air Oil on Canvas Panel 8" x 10"

Rock River at Castle Rock; Plein Air Oil on Canvas Panel 8″ x 10″

This is a view from the observation deck at Castle Rock park along the Rock River, about 3miles south of Oregon

The weekly paint out of the Eagles Nest group. Only two of us showed up. Rather than split up, both of us decided to paint from the deck. Not much room left up there. Had been painting about an hour when I heard a noise.A couple was making there way up the long flight of stairs to the deck. They were almost to the top, when they realized that the deck was a bit crowded (two artists and associated paraphernalia). I indicated that there was enough room for all of us. They came up and enjoyed the view and then enjoyed seeing the paintings in progress.

About twenty minutes later, different couple, same scenario. Paintings completed, we had lunch in the park before heading our separate ways.


Plein Air October 18

November 17, 2011

Plein Air October 18 #1, Oil on Canvas Panel 6" x 8"

Out to Oregon to meet friends at Fairgrounds Park. Clawed and I had to make a couple stops prior to getting out to Oregon. Arrived later than I wanted to. Only one other member was present.

Overcast/cloudy. Temperature in the low 40’s. Somewhat hazy, a view of the Blackhawk statue across the river was dull and lifeless. Lack of decent sunlight made for rather muted scenes. Most of the foliage was gone from the parks trees. After spending several minutes walking around, I decided to focus on this group of trees.

As I set up, I was approached by a couple of workers from the Oregon Park’s Department. They were curious about my set up and wanted to know about my photography. I had to explain that I was an artist, a painter. I had to show them the set up and the paints and the brushes. Their reactions read as though they couldn’t understand why someone would take the time to paint a scene when you could be much faster with a camera. They decided that it was time to get back to work. Just as well.

I set into painting this scene. Cynthia, the other member, also found a scene that was to her liking. After finishing our works we broke for lunch. In a way, Murphy’s Law prevailed. As we were completing lunch, the sun came out. Unfortunately, I had to get back to Rockford to attend to details for a couple of my watercolor classes.


June at Vogel’s

September 20, 2011

June at Vogel's, Oil on Canvas 20" x 16"

View at Vogel's - Study, Oil on Canvas Panel 10" x 8"

Due to a foot problem, I could not go out to paint. I could not stand at my easel. But I could sit and paint.

I played with a sketch made during the Fields Project in June. The view is looking northeast from inside a barn. I edited some of the scenery out. Played with the small painting first. Satisfied, I took it to a larger size.


Plein Air – Lowden State Park

August 23, 2011

Plein Air August 9 #1, Oil on Canvas Panel 6" x 8"

Plein Air August 9 #2, Oil on Canvas Panel 6" x 8"

The Eagles Nest group selected to paint at Lowden State Park. The thought was that the park could offer a lot of available shade. This was important after all of the HOT, sunny days which we have experienced over the past month and a half.

This day turned out to be very comfortable. Sunny and temperatures in the 70’s during the morning. I traveled out to the park following a six mile run. I arrived as the others were still trying to locate their spots and set up their easels. I quickly found a spot in the shade which offered an interesting view of some playground equipment. Although currently in shade, I anticipated that by the time I would be adding finishing touches, the equipment would be in the sun and offer an interesting finish. Before I started to paint, I took a quick look around my spot and noticed the interesting shadow patterns within the trees. That worked to become painting #1.

I aimed to do another painting and do the playground equipment. Same method and same result. A tree at the edge of the woods offered a more interesting opportunity. Painting #2.

Perhaps I will get a painting of the playground equipment next time.


Watertown Road

August 12, 2011

Watertown Road, Oil on Canvas 12" x 16"

Rains rolling through the area. I moved in to the studio to paint. I decided to use the afternoon to create this painting from a study created in early July.