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Clouds Over Limestone Road

March 1, 2019

Clouds Over Limestone Road – Oil on Canvas – 12″ x 12″

Fall of 2017, I did a small plein air painting of this scene. The roll of the road along this farm is what caught my attention. The original painting stopped just above the trees. Soon after I completed the plein air work, one of the galleries requested this work for display. Unfortunately, the work sat at the gallery never to find an owner.

Rise on Limestone Road – Plein Air – Oil on Linen Panel – 8″ x 10″

I retrieved the original work late summer. I left the work on display in my studio where I could see it. I thought that the design might be interesting if I played with a more dramatic sky. I am currently working on a larger version of this for the galleries and have already thought up another idea for this design. More to come.



Grange Hall at Woodstock

June 21, 2017

Grange Hall at Woodstock – Oil on Canvas – 20″ x 20″

I had a longscape (12″ x 24″), which I had started plein air. Unable to finish the painting on-site, I brought the unfinished work home. Unfortunately, life got in the way of me making a prompt return to finish this scene. I tried to complete the work in my studio, bit realized that I made the work too stiff. I killed the fresh spontaneity of the plein air start. The panel would need to be destroyed.

While sitting in the “to be killed” pile in the studio, I noticed how another failure cropped the initial painting and hinted at an interesting option. Ran with the idea.  Received contact from one of my gallery’s which has expressed interest in carrying this work.


First Place Award – Regional Survey

May 18, 2017

Clouds Over Grange Hall 3 – Oil on Canvas – 48″ x 36″

Thrilled to share news that my painting, Clouds Over Grange Hall 3, was awarded First Place at The Regional Survey of Art 14 sponsored by The Next Picture Show, Dixon, IL.

This work is a meld of two sketches. I have created several paintings of this farm. I have created paintings of the different buildings and have created a couple “longscapes” which capture the feeling of the land. I though that it would be fun to take this farm and place it in the presence of a very dominant sky. I grabbed a couple sketches and photos from a sky I witnessed earlier and merged them with this farm. I guess it worked. (The preliminary design sketch, 20″ x 16″ is also available).



Baxter Road

December 19, 2016
Baxter Road - Plein Air - Oil on Oil Primed Linen Panel - 8" x 10"

Baxter Road – Plein Air – Oil on Oil Primed Linen Panel – 8″ x 10″

One of the last relatively mild days of autumn. Ambled my way to this road. Thought that I had a good subject, a homestead down the road to the left. Spent several minutes making thumbnail sketches to test designs. None of the designs was working for me. Then it occurred to me that the view ahead of me would work.


Fairdale to Edson

December 22, 2014
Fairdale to Edson; Plein Air Oil on Canvas Panel 11 x 14

Fairdale to Edson; Plein Air Oil on Canvas Panel 11 x 14

Saturday afternoon. My wife was off getting her hair done. I was all finished with my garden chores. I had a few hours before we were expected at a party and it was a nice, sunny autumn afternoon (not many more of these expected before the snow flies). I was not about to waste anymore time. I grabbed my supplies and took off to paint.

I had a location in mind. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, I arrived at my destination and was disappointed. The design possibilities just did not jump. I decided to roam the area to see if another sight could grab my attention. Within a couple miles, as I was preparing to turn onto a road, something in the rear view mirror caught my eye. I safely turned the car around and pulled to the shoulder of the road. This was it. Great design possibilities and the anticipated effects of the late afternoon sun could work in my favor.

The spot worked well except for the occasional car passing by me at 55-ish mph. Worked this painting quickly, by my standards, and completed the painting in about two hours. As excited as I was, I wondered how the painting would look when I had some separation and evaluated the work at home. This day worked well. Happy with the results, I had extra fun at the party that night.