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October Drive and Flowers and Fence

January 5, 2018

October Drive – Watercolor on Arches 140# CP – 12″ x 16″

Used a plein air oil painting as a basis for the scene from Rock Cut State Park. Restraint needed to leave the white of the paper to help illustrate the brightness of the sunlight across the foliage and road.

An oil painting from my Cedarburg trip was the inspiration of the flowers in front of a picket fence. Would like to have been a little looser with the application of colors for the flowers. Perhaps it’s worth another try.

Flowers and Fence – Watercolor on Arches 300# CP – 7″ x 10″


Trail Through Rock Cut

December 25, 2017

Trail Through Rock Cut – Plein Air – Oil on Linen Panel – 9″ x 12″

Same general location which I painted from only a couple days earlier. Moved up the path by about fifty yards. It gave a different look to the design. Out in the open, I was interrupted a couple times by curious onlookers. Otherwise the painting moved swiftly. Productive autumn for me. I  do regret that I was not able to get more paintings completed this past autumn.


Rock Cut Ride

December 21, 2017

Rock Cut Ride – Plein Air – Oil on Linen Panel – 9″ x 12″

Another beautiful October morning. Traveled to Rock Cut State Park with a few options in mind. I found a small path which leads to one of the preferred fishing locations. It afforded me the opportunity to park off the path and within close proximity to my set up. I nestled into the tree line which gave me this design. Side benefit was that I was fairly well hidden from any passers-by (nice to work in solitude despite so many people passing by).


Rock Cut Trail

December 21, 2016
Rock Cut Trail - Plein Air - Oil on Oil Primed Linen Panel - 10" x 8"

Rock Cut Trail – Plein Air – Oil on Oil Primed Linen Panel – 10″ x 8″

Let the purging begin!

Throughout the year, I encounter dud efforts. Sometimes they are out in the field. Sometimes they are studio doomed. Hopefully I recognize the errors of my ways early enough that I can transfer the slop from my support to paper towels then to the garbage, thereby saving the support for another effort (a.k.a. battle). Fortunately, Rock Cut Trail was not one of the dud works.

Some duds are real stinkers. The kind that make me exclaim “What was I thinking?”. Other clinkers are not worthy of seeing the light outside of my studio but, for some reason, I believe that they may offer the seed of an idea to be utilized for a better work.

As the year winds down, I take time to clean up the studio. Beyond the dust and dirt, I find that the studio begins to get swallowed up by too many dud paintings. Time to purge. As of today, 38 works sit in the studio which “bit the dust”. Gone. Cease to exist. About a third of these are good canvas panels which have been sanded and oil primed. About a third are panels which are beyond help and are trash bound. About a third of the clinkers remain. They are canvas on stretchers. The spent canvas will be removed in the next few days, new canvas will be cut to size and stapled onto the stretchers (not a lot of fun, but since my son is not around to do this, the task is mine).

On one hand, inventory of available works has been decreased. On the other hand, my inventory of available supports is ready for the new year.

May 2017 be a more productive and successful year.


Still Water at Rock Cut Overflow

September 5, 2016
Still Water at Rock Cut Overflow - Plein Air - Oil on Canvas Panel - 8 x 10

Still Water at Rock Cut Overflow – Plein Air – Oil on Canvas Panel – 8 x 10

Found a quiet spot along the banks of the lake at Rock Cut. About an hour into the painting, I startled a fisherman. The fellow wandered from the parking lot, down the lane to the edge of the lake, about ten yards from where I was painting (I was tucked into the edge of a clump of trees). He began to cast his line into the lake. About the third cast, he let out a bit of a shriek as he finally noticed that I was there. We both laughed, shared a few comments, and went back to our tasks. After about ten minutes, they fellow decided to try his luck elsewhere on the lake.



Reflections at Rock Cut

July 26, 2016
Reflections at Rock Cut - Plein Air - Oil on Canvas Panel - 8 x 10

Reflections at Rock Cut – Plein Air – Oil on Canvas Panel – 8 x 10

Traveled to Rock Cut to paint. It was a cloudy morning, but I thought that it might pose an interesting challenge. Found my design and set out to paint. About a half hour into the work, the clouds started to break up leaving me with a nice opportunity. Nice combination of clouds an clear sky. Normally not a good idea to change focus in the midst of a panting, but in this case, it turned out okay.

As I was putting the finishing touches to the painting, the clouds had given way to a clear day. No clouds, Over the course of the painting, the weather had gone from breezy and cool (sweatshirt and light coat) to about 15 degrees warmer (tee shirt and sweat). The fun of plein air painting.


Rock Cut Path

July 24, 2016
Path at Rock Cut - Plein Air - Oil on Canvas Panel - 8 x 10

Path at Rock Cut – Plein Air – Oil on Canvas Panel – 8 x 10

My wife and I headed out to paint. Ventured over to Rock Cut State Park. Checked out a couple spots before settling on this out of the way venue. While my wife painted by the gate to a closed road, I chose this road to a fishing locale.

This is a spot where I have been able to paint without interruption before. Had never before observed people utilizing the close path, until this day. Three separate times, people came along on bikes and caught me by surprise. Never assume!

Loved the play of the shadows across the road.