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August 11, 2016
Woodwalk - Oil on Canvas Panel - 6 x 8

Woodwalk – Oil on Canvas Panel – 6 x 8

Stopped by Woodwalk Gallery to look for painting opportunities. Spent time walking the property before settling on this view of the entrance…where I started. Oh well. Loved the look of the shadow from the overhead light fixture as it washed across the wall.


Flower Box

August 11, 2015
Flower Box (Oil 28" z 22")

Flower Box (Oil 28″ x 22″)

Sorry for the lack of posts over the past couple months. My old computer finally died. Learning curve for the new computer (and software). Encountered problems with software and had to purchase new versions (again, learning curve). Then encountered problems with my digital camera. Purchased new and once again, learning curve. Still trying to get everything in sync.

Decided to work a few paintings in vertical format. Playing in my sketchbook, I came across designs which could be adjusted to work in the vertical format. Happy with this result.


Shadow Before

November 11, 2011

Shadow Before, Oil on Canvas 24" x 18"

A couple years ago, while painting en plein air, I witnessed this design. At the time, I was in the middle of a painting. Rather than break away and start a new painting, I made a few quick notes in my sketchbook and took a photo. There the idea sat, and simmered

I was looking for design to use as submission to a competition. I flipped through my sketch book and came across the sketches made that autumn afternoon. I reworked the idea a bit. I would like to have worked this in watercolor but due to a time factor, I created the work in oil.

The image has been sent to the competition. For now, I will have to wait to see if the design suits their exhibition.