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Field Along Plum Bottom Road

December 18, 2014
Field Along Plum Bottom Road; Oil on Canvas Panel 9 x 12

Field Along Plum Bottom Road; Oil on Canvas Panel 9 x 12

Decided to work from a photograph on this day. It was from a trip that we took up to Door County last autumn.

The field and colorful trees caught my attention. In working thumbnail sketches of this scene, I felt that the design was incomplete. I imposed the concept of a path leading out of the woods but that was not enough. Adding a figure to the composition was the trick.

Worked up the painting. Added bright, vibrant colors to help enable the figure to pop from the design. Utilized a knife to finish the foliage on the trees and add the grasses.


Forest Path

August 12, 2013
Forest Path; Oil on Canvas 8" x 10"

Forest Path; Oil on Canvas 8″ x 10″

Rainy day. Couldn’t get out to paint so I grabbed a painting from a couple years ago to see how my methods and style have changed. This one is definitely brighter. Started with a wash of Alizaron Crimson to take out the white of the canvas. Also adds a nice contrast to all of the green. Greater use of violet in this one.

Perhaps I should try it again in two years to see how much more my style has morphed.


Rock Cut Trail

January 29, 2012

Rock Cut Trail, Palette Knife Oil on Canvas 24" x 30"

I started this work using Magenta and Alizarin Crimson variations to lay in my drawing and block in the dark tones. These colors came through the subsequent applications of body color to some degree. Beautiful effects from the complementary colors – reds and greens.

After the initial brush work, all body color was applied utilizing palette knives. Tough work, but interesting effects. The refractions of light off of the uneven impasto applications of paint yield an interesting effect. I look forward to varnishing this work when it dries and hope to see this in a well lit gallery a installation. Or, better yet, a clients wall. That would be nice.