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From the Classroom – Advanced Watercolor – Corn Crib

March 14, 2019

This weeks challenge was based upon the following rather drab photo reference.

Corn Crib

I then forwarded a few thumbnail options for their review.

Corn Crib Thumbnail Sketches

I intentionally left these sketches undefined. That is, with one exception, there is no indication of shadows. I am challenging my students to use their imaginations to locate photo references which will enable them to paint the scene as they would like to see it. Decisions such as what direction is the sun (left, right, background)? Season (spring, summer, early autumn, winter)? Color of structure? Additional buildings or components to augment their design?

Corn Crib Value Sketch

I created a very fast watercolor sketch to help them understand an option and witness the paint application. This watercolor was completed within five minutes while explaining my thoughts and paint applications to my students.

Corn Crib – Watercolor on Canson 140# CP 4″ x 6″


Barn Sketch

August 30, 2011

Barn Sketch, Oil on Gessoed Paper 8" x 6"

Worked with a pen sketch made during the Fields Project. An old out building at a farm. I intended to just work this as a value painting and got carried away. Hey! It was fun.

I started with a basic block in with brush. Although I could have stopped at that time, I decided to finish off the painting by using a palette knife to give the feel of paint chips. Then the sky and tree.