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Field View

April 4, 2019

Field View – Oil on Oil Primed Canvas Panel – 8″ x 16″

Still on “doggie hospice” as our dog, Clawed Monet recovers from illness, I am relegated to painting carefully (so as not to stain or damage the flooring) in our house (that is, not in the studio). Trying to paint faster and looser, I came up with this design. I used the barn design as a lesson in our Advanced Watercolor class and played with a wider horizontal format. Put myself in a good mindset and painted this as if I was working en plein air.

When I started the painting, I had decent light from outside. Unfortunately,  it got overcast as I was painting. Forged ahead and had this work thoroughly blocked in within about twenty minutes. I was working adjustments as my light source changed. Stopped at a good time. Came back the next day, under more favorable lighting conditions, and made a few minor adjustments. I worked to keep from overworking this aiming to maintain the fresh feeling of the brushstrokes.

Shortly after completing this work, one of the galleries contacted me. They wanted this work for their gallery display. The work has just been delivered to them. Hopefully, the work does not return to (i.e. I hope that the gallery finds a new owner for this work).


Birch Trees

February 22, 2019

Birch Trees – Oil on Canvas – 10″ x 8″

Late autumn and I was stuck in my studio. In light of a conversation with Woodwalk Gallery, I decided to create a small work that might have appeal to the Door County crowd. I love finding the birch trees along the less traveled roads. Each tree cluster has its own personality and design opportunities. I created this oil painting using a small watercolor sketch created last summer while we were in Door County. I will probably challenge my advanced watercolor students to paint this design prior to offering it to Woodwalk later this spring.


Tree Reflection

June 27, 2017

Tree Reflection, Oil on Canvas 20″ x 16″

Aiming to reduce my inventory of 16″ x 20″ canvases, I played with this design. I like the idea of making the viewer look at a subject in a new or unexpected way.

Soon after posting this photo on my Facebook site, Tom Linden Fine Art, one of the galleries sent a message indicating that they wanted the work for their display. Season opens soon, we’ll hope for a quick move on this painting (supplies needed).


Polo Barn

December 7, 2016
Polo Barn - Oil on Canvas Panel - 6" x 8"

Polo Barn – Oil on Canvas Panel – 6″ x 8″

Revisited a watercolor that I did several years ago. This old place was located on a quiet road a few miles west of Oregon Illinois. I am sure that it is long gone, but for now, it still lives.

Weather and schedule prohibited going plein air this day. I decided to play with this small size as promotional, or less expensive, offering for galleries. Woodwalk Gallery in Egg Harbor Wisconsin was happy to utilize this idea with works I offered in late summer. I offered Polo Barn as part of a dozen and a half paintings to a gallery in Galena Illinois. Their response left me puzzled. A few weeks ago, I put them in front of Rivers End Gallery in Elm Grove Wisconsin. They were eager to run with the idea. Polo Barn is now framed and on their wall awaiting a new home. Rivers End notified me that they just sold the framed work Little Red (described on my previous post).



August 11, 2016
Woodwalk - Oil on Canvas Panel - 6 x 8

Woodwalk – Oil on Canvas Panel – 6 x 8

Stopped by Woodwalk Gallery to look for painting opportunities. Spent time walking the property before settling on this view of the entrance…where I started. Oh well. Loved the look of the shadow from the overhead light fixture as it washed across the wall.


Peninsula at Eagle Harbor

August 1, 2016
Peninsula At Eagle Harbor - Oil on Canvas Panel - 9 x 12

Peninsula At Eagle Harbor – Oil on Canvas Panel – 9 x 12

Recent trip to Door County. Had a few hours before I was to present a new painting (Homage to Dvorak) at Woodwalk Gallery. The day was too nice, I had to get painting. Found a shaded spot adjacent to the Ephraim boat launch. Can’t figure out how I was so close to the walkway and yet only a few people came near my painting area. Relatively undisturbed painting time. Had fun working to capture the beautiful clouds.


Homage – Dvorak String Quintet in G Major Op. 77

July 12, 2016
Homage - Dvorak String Quintet in G Major Op. 77 - Oil on Canvas - 24 x 30

Homage – Dvorak String Quintet in G Major Op. 77 – Oil on Canvas – 24 x 30

Homage – Dvorak String Quintet in G Major Op. 77 – Oil on Canvas – 24 x 30 (11 x 14 study also available ). Please accept my apologies for the delay in posting this and for the poor color reproduction (still fiddling with the new camera and software). This is the painting premiered June 26 during the performance by Midsummer’s Music at Woodwalk Gallery, Egg Harbor, Wi.
My paintings are a response to light and shape.That is, I see the beautiful shadows produced as sunlight floods across a building and trees, etc. This assignment was different. Recorded music was forwarded to me with no indication of composer nor musical title. I was to respond strictly to the music. Listened to the music several times until the roll of the music gave me the feeling of clouds across a field. The crescendos indicated dark, storm clouds.

When the assistant artistic director for the musicians saw this painting, she remarked that my depiction was appropriate as Dvorak loved the midwest, specifically Iowa.

Presentation t Woodwalk Gallery June 26, 2016

Presentation t Woodwalk Gallery June 26, 2016


Hay Farm – She’s Been Gone and Stand

July 22, 2014
Stand at Hay Farm; Oil on Canvas Panel 6" x 8"

Stand at Hay Farm; Oil on Canvas Panel 6″ x 8″

The final day of painting at the final Fields Project. The location involved five neighboring farmsteads. By the time I arrived and toured the sites, it was getting late. I took photos for reference and set up to quickly paint a couple small studies.

Lunch was a bit of a bummer. I don’t look to get my ego stroked. But on the same note, I don’t like to get put down either. The women that were there were discussing numerous issues of local concern. Eventually one of them asked if I had any news to share about my work. I responded that I just received news from Woodwalk Gallery concerning a very nice sale. Before I could relate what I felt was a humorous quip about the sale, another woman quickly jumped my moment to relate how she just sold three of little works through a local restaurant. Killed the conversation. I finished my lunch and departed.

She's Been Gone; Oil on Canvas Panel 6" x 8"

She’s Been Gone; Oil on Canvas Panel 6″ x 8″


Eagle Harbor Spectrum #3

May 8, 2014
Eagle Harbor Spectrum #3; Oil on Canvas Panel 6" x 8"

Eagle Harbor Spectrum #3; Oil on Canvas Panel 6″ x 8″

A sunset based upon observations while in Door County. This is one of twelve new works delivered to Woodwalk Gallery for the 2014 season.

English is the Silliest Language

“We’ll begin with a box and the plural is boxes,  but the plural of ox is oxen, not oxes. Then one fowl is goose but two are called geese, yet the plural of mouse should never be meese.

You may find a lone mouse or a whole set of mice, yet the plural of house is houses not hice. If the plural of man is always called men, why shouldn’t the plural of pan be pen?

If I speak of a foot and you show me your feet, and I give you a boot, would a pair be called beet? If one is a tooth and a whole set are teeth, why shouldn’t the plural of booth be called beeth?

Then one may be ‘that’ and three would be ‘those’, yet hat in the plural wouldn’t be hose, and the plural of cat is cats and not cose. We speak of a brother and also of brethren, but though we say Mother, we never say Metheren.

Then the masculine pronouns are ‘he’, ‘his’, and ‘him’, but imagine the feminine ‘she’, ‘shis’ and ‘shim’.  So English, I fancy you all will agree, is the silliest language you ever did see!”   –  Unknown


Morn Light Upon Cedar Court

May 7, 2014
Morn Light Upon Cedar Court; Oil on Canvas 20" x 20"

Morn Light Upon Cedar Court; Oil on Canvas 20″ x 20″

Woodwalk Gallery, Egg Harbor in Door County Wisconsin celebrates their twentieth year in business this summer. The owners asked all of their artists to submit one work which measures 20″ x 20″.   Should make for an interesting exhibit.

Morn Light on Cedar Court is my submission. This was created from sketches made while in Fish Creek last October.

“The key to success is for you to make a habit throughout your life of doing the things you fear.” – Vincent van Gogh